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Manufacturing and Sourcing in China Business Articles | April 24 Gianluigi Donnarumma Jersey , 2009

Quality is never an issue because our on the ground team provides continuous monitoring and does not permit shipment until inspection is complete. This will extend your cash conversion time. Dynasty Resources Service is your gateway to China Asia market entrance.


Dynasty Resources, with its partner China Bright Star, LLC, a leading Sino-American sourcing company Giacomo Bonaventura Jersey , helps American and European companies identify Chinese factories that manufacture products to client specifications and deliver them in a timely fashion. Quality is never an issue because our on the ground team provides continuous monitoring and does not permit shipment until inspection is complete.


Manufacturing and Sourcing in China adds complexity to the working capital analysis. Factors include credit terms, finished inventory and raw materials inventory. Most vendors require a letter of credit or cash on delivery at the beginning of a relationship. They will extend credit terms, typically net 30 days, once a history is established. But even with credit terms Gabriel Paletta Jersey , you will be paying the invoice prior to receipt of product, due to the sea transit time transit time. This will extend your cash conversion time.


Dynasty Resources Service is the number 1 Sourcing and Procurement agents in China, offering services for economical contract, offshore manufacturing and tactical procurement of automotive parts and mechanically engineered components and other related services to the international buyers and organizations keeping in mind their quality and delivery requirements. Dynasty Resources Service is your gateway to China Asia market entrance.


Dynasty Resources Service presents a complete infrastructure for handling supply chain management and international logistics. All this in-house expertise of Dynasty Resources Service ensures total solution to global buyers for outsourcing at highly competitive prices with product quality conforming to international standards Gabriel Jersey , assured delivery and related supply chain management logistics. That what enables us to serve a platform for building a strong extensive supply base to International OEMs, whole sellers, buyers and indenting agents. Dynasty Resources Service is instrumental in building long-term strategic partnerships between international buyers and Chinese manufacturers. For more details http:www.dynastyresources.net


The Myth of the Management Team Business Articles | July 10, 2005

Every business has problems. That is why the average life span of a large industrial company is 40 years. Some are learning disabilities where companies are not prepared to learn from their mistakes. They insist on doing the same thing every time. Even when problems occur no one examines the cause of the problem. The problem is an embarrassment that should be swept under the rug and forgotten rather than be used as an opportunity to learn. Handling these dilemmas and disabilities is the Management Team. Below is a quote from Peter Senge?s book ?The Fifth Discipline ? the Art & Practice of the Learning Organization.? Does this sound like your company? If it does start worrying!

The Myth of the Management Team
Standing forward to do battle with these dilemmas and disabilities is ?the management team Franck Kessie Jersey ,? the collection of savvy, experienced managers who represent the organization?s different functions and areas of expertise. Together, they are supposed to sort out the complex cross-functional issues that are critical to the organization. What confidence do we have, really Fabio Borini Jersey , that typical management teams can surmount these learning disabilities?
All too often, teams in business tend to spend their time fighting for turf, avoiding anything that will make them look bad personally, and pretending that everyone is behind the team?s collective strategy ? maintaining the appearance of a cohesive team. To keep up the image Davide Calabria Jersey , they seek to squelch disagreement; people with serious reservations avoid stating them publicly, and joint decisions are watered-down compromises reflecting what everyone can live with, or else reflecting one person?s view foisted on the group. If there is disagreement, it?s usually expressed in a manner that lays blame Cristian Zapata Jersey , polarizes opinion, and fails to reveal the underlying differences in assumptions and experience in a way that the team as a whole could learn.
?Most management teams break down under pressure,? writes Harvard?s Chris Argyris ? a long time student of learning in management teams. ?The team may function quite well with routine issues. But when they confront complex issues that may be embarrassing or threatening, the ?teamness? seems to go to pot.?
Argyris argues that most managers find collective inquiry inherently threatening. School trains us never to admit that we do not know the answer Antonio Donnarumma Jersey , and most corporations reinforce that lesson by rewarding the people who excel in advocating their views, not inquiring into complex issues. (When was the last time someone was rewarded in your organization for raising difficult questions about the company?s current policies rather than solving urgent problems?) Even if we feel uncertain or ignorant, we learn to protect ourselves from the pain of appearing uncertain or ignorant. That very process blocks out any new understandings which might threaten us. The consequence is what Argyris calls ?skilled incompetence? ? teams full of people who are incredibly proficient at keeping themselves from learning.

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