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Global Positioning Systems (known as GPS) like the Nuvi 350 are in thousands of cars, even as a standard feature. They have become quite portable and convenient to use and handheld models are more and more prevalent. But how do these little wonders work?

Well Colts Jack Mewhort Jersey , first of all GPS stands for 'Global Position System' - 'Global' meaning worldwide and 'Positioning' meaning where on the globe your position is. The way it actually figures out where on the globe you are is pretty fascinating.

Working off of twenty-four satellites in orbit around Earth, the Nuvi 350 GPS will triangulate your position through transmissions from these satellites to your personal device. To get the accurace of your position, the satellites and the GPS need a very accurate time - atomic clocks at the United States Naval Observatory are what gives the clocks their precise time as the Observatory uploads this information to all of the satellites in the GPS satellite network.

The receiver in the Nuvi 350 knows the location of each satellite as this information is constantly being monitored by the GPS. When the signals from the satellites are received by the GPS, it will use 'triangulation' to determine your precise location. Where the signals intersect from each satellite is where you are. Armed with this information Colts T.Y. Hilton Jersey , the Nuvi 350 will give your position with an accuracy of 10 to 20 meters. At any given time, four of the satellites can be seen by a GPS as they are rotating around the earth.

The Nuvi 350 has a database of maps in its internal memory and because it always knows where its at, it can give you helpful travel tips and information, It can tell you how far you've traveled Colts Andrew Luck Jersey , how long you were on the road, how fast you've been traveling and your average speed. Oh yeah - and nearby stores, restaurants, banks and Colts Khari Willis Jersey , a whole lot more.

The days of trying to figure out how to refold your road map are gone with the advent of the GPS. Travelers, soldiers, scouts, adventurers have much to benefit from owning a GPS. Hunters and hikers can use these devices Colts Bobby Okereke Jersey , letting the old compass remain in their pockets. Sailors used to rely on the stars to navigate the waters and now the GPS can be put on that task. And your neighbors are using these every day to conveniently navigate around local traffic situations.

Now that's pretty impressive!

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