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The aliens can blow up whatever they want, so I don’t like the chances for the Marines, the Air Force or the “safe zone”. The aliens are attacking Los Angeles because they want the Earth’s water. Shouldn’t they be invading the ocean? They should come to Earth in spaceships with big straws that they can dunk into a water supply. They can just hover a few feet above the Pacific and suck up what they need. It has to be easier than a drawn-out war with the entire human race. And don’t tell me it’s an unrealistic idea Cheap Sports MLB Jerseys , this race has mastered intergalactic travel, they can build spaceships with built-in straws. By the way, if the aliens can’t survive without Earth’s water, how have they survived long enough to attack us?

The Marines don’t have time to care about the aliens’ lousy logic, they have humans to protect. It’s awfully late in the game Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping , as there is little to no life in the streets. Many have already escaped, but bodies still litter the ground (even in neighborhoods that are curiously unincinerated). While a few civilians are holed up in a police station, the human lives the Marines have the most trouble protecting are their own. It should come as no surprise that the film’s favorite method of conflict resolution is shooting. Occasionally something blows up, just so the film can mix it up a little.

For months I loved the cryptic trailers for “Battle: Los Angeles.” They did a good job of keeping me in suspense; I thought the movie would do the same. I should have been curling into a ball and sticking my fingers in my ears. All any film has to do is make me think something scary is going to jump out at me and then prolong it when I expect it most.

Alien invasion movies usually come in two varieties – the stealth approach and all-out war mode. Stealth usually involves sleeper cells, men in black Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale , and lonely heroes trying to expose the pending invasion. The stealth approach is popular with TV shows about alien invasions like “First Wave” and “Dark Skies”, where it can be done for relatively cheap.

Nantz must saddle up and fight back, since the Marine Corp. brass has decided that they cannot afford to lose Los Angeles. As he rides into the heart of battle-intense L.A, Nantz is saddled with a young, clueless Lieutenant (Ramon Rodriguez Cheap MLB Jerseys China , “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”) fresh out of officers training school. There’s also a young Marine (Cory Hardrict) in his unit who thinks Nantz is responsible for the death of his brother, and he’s holding a grudge.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, “Battle: Los Angeles” opens with Nantz and the Marines already airborne and headed into L.A., before flashing back to the previous 24 hours where the film gives us our obligatory intros to the various characters. Or, expectedly Cheap MLB Jerseys , as many jarheads as it can introduce in the space of 20 minutes before we have to go to war.

To screenwriter Christopher Bertolini’s credit, Rodriguez’s Airman doesn’t get any odious scenes of grrrl power, though she’s certainly more than capable, and proves it in the heat of battle. Moynahan and Eckhart do what they can with giving our tough leading man Marine someone to create sparks with, but it’s not very convincing and perhaps Liebesman realized this early on and doesn’t continue to push the faux romance.

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