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by Eric J. Lyman

ROME Cheap Jerseys China , Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi turned heads this week when he predicted the country's economy would not grow at all this year.

Renzi's prognostication is more pessimistic than Italy's National Statistics Institute, ISTAT, which still predicts the country's gross domestic product will grow compared to last year. The International Monetary Fund, which sees 0.3 percent growth Cheap Jerseys , and the Bank of Italy, which predicts 0.2 percent growth, agree -- though both have lowered their forecasts in recent weeks.

Why the pessimism from Renzi?

"It's an expectations game," ABS Securities economic analyst Oliviero Fiorini told Xinhua. "There's probably still a chance for economic growth this year and if that happens Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , Renzi will be able to say the economy exceeded expectations. If it doesn't, at least his image as a straight shooter will be maintained."

The move comes as pollsters say approval levels for Renzi's reform agenda are starting to erode, even as the prime minister himself remains relatively popular.

According to new information from the polling company Ipsos, Renzi maintains the support of 64 percent of Italians Wholesale NFL Jerseys , though his reforms fare less well: only 42 percent said they approved of his economic growth plans or his strategy to reform the public administration, while 48 percent said they had a positive view of his education reforms.

"The disconnect between approval levels for Renzi and for his governing policies has to have Renzi's team concerned," author and political scientist Rachel Malatesta said in an interview.

"I believe the bottom line is the economy," Malatesta continued. "Until the economy starts to turn around Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , there will be doubts about the prime minister's game plan."

Few predict the Renzi government is in danger of collapse. The prime minister's strong approval levels, the strong victory for his allies in May's European elections, and a lack of a viable alternative as prime minister are all working in Renzi's favor. But that could change if the perception grows that Renzi is unable to deliver on his ambitious promises.

That may be where the lower expectations fit in, according to Fiorini and Malatesta.

"It's unrealistic for the economy to grow as much as Renzi and most members of the government would like Wholesale Jerseys China ," Fiorini said. "But it may grow more than people expect it to, at least if expectations are tempered."

If the economy indeed fails to show positive growth in 2014, it will be the fifth time in seven years that was the case. Italy's economy is now 9 percent smaller than it was in 2008, when the economic crisis began and it is now about the same size it was in 2000. Industrial production is even worse Wholesale Jerseys , falling to levels not seen since the early 1980s.

Everyday Information On Spill Containment Berms June 22, 2014 | Author: Tracie Knight | Posted in Education

Lately anywhere around the world there will be some form of oil spill at sea or even in land. Now and again you will hear of a tragic ferry or maritime disaster that has some form of oil or liquid pollution involved. When this happens, spill containment berms are used to contain the spill, in cases spanning several miles.

Berms have been existence since man learned how to construct things. They have been used as gutter channels and guides in irrigation projects by American Indians long ago and also have been in use by people in the medieval ages. They are very useful in guiding and containing waste material Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , whether liquid or not.

Nowadays depending on need, these can come in all manners of shapes and sizes. They can be made of differing material depending on the level of hazard the waste will have and also whether it has high or low viscosity. Most commonly seen of these types of containment berms are basically square or rectangular ones with embankments raised on each of the four sides.

Envision in your mind a very shallow pool for children raised a very few inches from the ground. This are basically what they are. Low and shallow embankment berms are usually designed for high impact situations and are very durable. These are usually the kinds you will see in at an oil spill on the road. Mainly these are u

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