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I know this sounds sort of redundant DeSean Jackson Womens Jersey , but it is true and, sadly, many sales people don聮t know it.

I was working with a salesman this week who has had a rather slow start with his company. He is selling a specialty product line for the company and he has some unique customer requirements. As a result, he has not had the recent success that some of the other new salesmen have had.

But he has been grinding away as we have instructed him and persisting in his Prospecting efforts. Now he is getting lots of RFQs and orders. He is reaping the benefits of Persistence. He is continuing with his Prospecting efforts.

I have mentioned this before and I will refer to it often. Persistence in prospecting is probably the single most important factor for success.

The more Prospecting you do Dallas Goedert Womens Jersey , the better you get at it. The better you get at it, the more successful you will be. But, you have to actually DO IT!

This young man is really doing all that needs to be done with his Prospecting efforts. He is making his BLITZ CALLs? most of which are on the phone and he is following up in a timely manner.

We make references to famous athletes all the time. Larry Byrd used to stay around after practice and shoot 300 shots on the court after everyone else had gone home. That is why he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

My favorite is Walter Payton, the fabulous running back for the Chicago Bears who unfortunately died at a very young age from a rare liver disease. During his career he performed miraculously on the football field. During the NFL players?strike in 1982 a news crew followed some of the players to see what they were doing during the strike.

When they got to Payton Carson Wentz Womens Jersey , he was hopping up sand dunes with his ankles taped together, then hopping down and up again. ( If you think this is easy, give it a try. I did it on the steps of a football stadium a few times, it is a killer! ) The reporter was baffled as to why since Payton was already one of the best players in the game.

Then it became clear. The reason Payton was so good is that he did the basics really Brian Dawkins Womens Jersey , really well. The first thing he did was get himself in the best physical condition he could achieve. By doing this, he was able to have tremendous freedom on the playing field, because he was always strong and able to do anything asked of him, even in the 4th quarter.

The reporter noted that during their research Randall Cunningham Womens Jersey , they interviewed many of the NFL players who said they were staying in shape, but Payton was the only one they actually saw training and training very hard.

Both Byrd and Payton achieved success by hard work - working harder than other great athletes.

And the same holds true for sales people. Look at the superstars. These are the folks who do the basics over and over, which is the simple definition of Persistence. That means they actually DO the things necessary for success. They don聮t talk about doing them, they just DO them!

And Prospecting is one of the most important basics for the sales professional.

So Authentic Clayton Thorson Jersey , when you determine that you want to break away from the crowd and shoot for superstar success, realize that Persistence means that you really have to Persist.

Persistent Prospecting will make your life a lot more fun and successful.

Sell well and often!

Copyright, 2006, WJ Truax


Bill Truax


Bill is a Sales Management and Field Operations Consultant based in Cleveland Authentic Shareef Miller Jersey , OH. He has 3 books and 2 CDs on prospecting, he also trains managers, conducts seminars and workshops, and makes calls in the field with sales professionals all detailed on is website

Founded in the year 1835 Authentic JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia and is often referred to as the cultural capital of the country. It is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city with its interiors being the most European among all the other cities in Australia. People of this city call themselves 'Melburnians' and feel ou're planning a holiday during summer Authentic Miles Sanders Jersey , as it is the busiest tourist season.dynamic city with its interiors being the most European among all the other cities in Australia. People of this city call themselves 'Melburnians' and feel

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