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Injector Torch Frank White Youth Jersey , Cutting Torch, and other Metal Casting Torches Described Technology Articles | April 30, 2008

Learn about different types of Metal Casting Torches including the Injector Torch, Cutting Torch and many other Metal Casting Torches.

Oxy-fuel cutting and oxy-fuel welding can be described as the processes of using oxygen and fuel gases to either cut or weld metals.? There are some striking differences between these two processes. In the first process, a cutting torch is made use of for heating ferrous metal to a temperature of around 980 degree Celsius. An oxygen stream is being trained on a hot metal that combines with iron chemically which later flows from the kerfs Willie Wilson Youth Jersey , or cut in the form of slag of iron oxide. In the second process, a ?welding torch? is made use of for welding metals.


Torches that burn the inside fuel with air (atmosphere) cannot be termed as oxy-fuel torches. They stand out owing to the use of single tank. This is because oxy-fuel cuttingwelding requires oxygen, fuel, and two tanks. It?s not possible to melt some of the metals with single-tank torches. Hence, these torches can be used for brazing and soldering Salvador Perez Youth Jersey , but not for welding. A metal-cutting torch is better known as hot blue spanner, blue wrench, hot wrench, smoke wrench, and gas-axe.


Types of Torches: The torch can be defined as the part held and manipulated by the welder to get the weld made. It possesses a valve and connection for oxygen and the same things for fuel gas Lucas Duda Youth Jersey , a handle to obtain the grip, an integrating chamber (angularly set) where there occurs a mixing of oxygen and fuel gas, with a tip where formation of flame takes place. The fuel gases used along with oxygen include propylene, propane, hydrogen gas Billy Hamilton Youth Jersey , MAPP gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and the most widely used is acetylene.?


Injector Torch: It can be defined as an archetypal oxy-fuel torch, also known as an equal-pressure torch. It carries out the mixing of mere two gases. The injector torch operates in such a way that high pressure oxygen comes out of the tiny nozzle present in the torch head, and the fuel gas gets dragged towards it via the venturi effect.


Rose-bud Torch: The use of this torch is to carry out the heating of metals for straightening Alex Gordon Youth Jersey , bending, etc. It is generally used where a huge area requires heating. It produces a rose-bud shaped flame at the end, hence the name. This torch can carry out the function of heating small areas like rusted bolts and nuts as well. However, here, filler rod won?t be used with torch.


Cutting Torch: The head of the cutting torch is used for cutting metal. Its identification details are as follows: The inside of the torch consists of a combination of oxygen and acetylene. It helps in producing flame of a high temperature. It consists of 3 pipes going to a nozzle at 90 degree. It also contains an oxygen-blast trigger which blasts away the material during its cutting by the way of providing oxygen.


Welding Torch: The welding torch consists of either 1 or 2 pipes running towards the nozzle without oxygen-blast trigger. As the name suggests Yordano Ventura Youth Jersey , it performs the function of welding.

I am not sure how many people have noticed or even care, but there seems to have been another page rank update from Google. This update is very strange however and things are happening that are a lot different from anything I have ever seen before.

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