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10. Check out your company's subsidiaries and

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Don't Quit Your Job.....Yet! Self Help Articles | March 27 Authentic Stan Musial Jersey , 2002
Now that the economy has picked up, many people are ... making a job change. Before you take that leap its ... to consider why you are leaving, what you are trying to ... and ens

Now that the economy has picked up, many people are
considering making a job change. Before you take that leap
its important to consider why you are leaving Authentic Ozzie Smith Jersey , what you are
trying to accomplish, and ensuring that you've exhausted all
avenues at your current place of employment.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for moving up and moving out.
If the job you have is not meeting your needs there is
nothing wrong with searching for greener pastures. But
looking for a new job is not an easy task. It requires a
lot of time and energy. There is a lot of work involved
with the job search process. Unfortunately for many people
look for a new job as a knee-jerk response to
dissatisfaction at their current job. The good news is
that a new job doesn't necessarily mean a new company.
Let's examine several options you may want to consider
before submitting that resignation letter.

1. Know why you are leaving. Is it the money? Lack of
growth potential? Personality conflicts with co-workers?
Company policies? Invest time to understand why you want
to leave your current employer and what you hope to find at
your new employer. If these reasons are not clear to you,
you may find yourself in the exact same situation within
months of starting at your new job.

2. Run TO something Keith Hernandez Jersey , not FROM something. If you have a
dream job, and the opportunity appears for you to get that
job, then go for it! All of us should be so lucky to know
exactly what we want to do and have a chance to do it. But
if you're leaving because something at your current company
is not right, your desire go somewhere Orlando Cepeda Jersey , anywhere, may affect
your ability objectively weigh a job offer.

3. Don't let money rule. You can always leave your current
job, go somewhere else, and make more money. Its no secret
that companies generally pay more to woo new comers. But
think about the other financial compensation you may have at
your current company. Things like vesting in the retirement
plan Chris Carpenter Jersey , stock options, employer's 401K match, and better
benefits. Dollar for dollar, these things be worth a lot more
than a higher salary.

4. Look for other career opportunities within your current
company. If you've built a decent reputation at your
current company investigate other career opportunities there
before looking elsewhere. Most companies have an internal
job posting system that will allow you to apply for
positions in other parts of the company. Switching to another
department within you current company gives the much needed
change that comes from starting a new job Vince Coleman Jersey , but you won't lose
any of the benefits (vesting, vacation, etc.) that you've
built up over time.

5. Look to change your current work situation. Maybe
there are personality conflicts in your current team. Maybe
you're working a great deal of overtime or have a ghastly
long commute. Examine every facet of what you don't like
about your current job and see if there is a solution that
will change your situation for the better. Can you arrange
to work from home one day a week? Have you developed
friendships with the people in your department? Have you
found a mentor who can help guide you through career
decisions? All of these little changes can make a huge
impact on how you feel about your job.

6. Look to other areas of your life. Your problem may not
be your job after all. If your spending habits are out of
control, getting a job that pays more is not going to solve
your problem. While you're examining things that are wrong
with your job also invest time to see what in your life is
not as you would like it to be. Problems in your personal
life can affect your perception of your professional life
(and vice versa).

7. Get more involved. Having a sense of ownership in
what's going on at your company may change your perception.
These days many employers are looking to their employees
for feedback about how to make things better. Join a task
team Mark McGwire Jersey , help plan the annual picnic, or write articles for the
company newsletter. This type of activity will get you
increased visibility and may lead to future opportunities.

8. Become a mentor. Unless you are at the very bottom
of the totem pole, there is always someone younger and newer
within the company who can benefit from what you've learned.
Your experience and knowledge will help another individual
avoid some of the mistakes you've made. Sharing your
experience with others is a great way to show yourself how
valuable your experience with the company has been. Plus,
showing a strong aptitude for mentoring could also pave the
way for a team lead or manager position.

10. Check out your company's subsidiaries and affiliates.
Sometimes you can leave the company without really leaving
the company. Acquisitions and mergers have created unique
opportunities that enable you to go to other companies that
your current employer may have a vested interest in. Working
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