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Hard Work is its Own Reward Self Help Articles | November 19 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2010
Success comes after long and lonely hard work and many times after many failures. Great people, artist, writers, and scientists do work without directly being much bothered about the results and rewards. Name and fame do come later, but great art or any human effort is made not seeking them in the first place.

In August this year, newspapers were full of the story of the discovery of a great Italian painter and sculpture Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , Pordenone Montanari, 73, who had shut himself away from the world for 18 years to exclusively devote himself to his work and relying for his bare necessities on his wife. He was discovered when his wife was putting up a ?For Sale? sign to the gate post and a local businessman of Indian origin was passing by. The businessman bought the house within hours and, in partnership with another Indian businessman, bought the rights to the artist?s work.

His work prompt comparison to Cézanne, Braque Cheap Soccer Jerseys , Bacon, and Picasso. Dr. Rossana Pitteli, art expert at the Italian Cultural Institute said, ?Montanari is a truly exciting new Italian discovery.?

Edward Lucie-Smith, a leading British art historian to whom the work was shown by the buyers, said that Montanari was unique. She said Cheap Jerseys China , ?Some contemporary artists pursue fame; others find in an obstacle in the path of their highest ambitions. Montanari belongs to the second category.?

I would like to make two points here.

In Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjun, ?You have right to action only; not to its results. Don?t be attached to the results to your actions; and don?t be without action too.?

It means to do one?s duty without bothering much for its results and rewards.

Mind you, this was taught by Krishna with a view to persuade Arjun to fight the great was of Mahabharat.

In the world great people, artist, writers Cheap Jerseys , and scientists do work without directly being much bothered about the results and rewards.

In India, nobody knows who wrote their great Vedas and Upanishads. In fact, they seem to be the combined effort of many people over a long period of time.

The second point is that success comes after long and lonely hard work and many times after many failures.? Some say that for success in any field seven years of hard work is necessary. Get Rich Overnight, Get Famous Overnight, or Get Successful Overnight schemes don?t work in real world. Only hard work over many years bears fruit.

In this connection, please Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , also ponder over the following:life history of one of the greatest ?failures? of the world:

?? 1. Age: 21 years??????????? :Failure in business.

?? 2. Age: 22 years????????? ??:Failure in elections.

?? 3. Age: 24 years??????????? :Failure in business.

?? 4. Age: 26 years??????????? :Death of wife.

?? 5. Age: 27 years??????????? :Nervous breakdown.

?? 6. Age: 34 years??????????? :Defeat in Congress elections.

?? 7. Age: 45 years??????????? :Defeat in Senate elections.

?? 8. Age: 47 years??????????? :Defeat in attempt to become Vice-President.

Who was this man?

Abraham Lincoln who became President of America at the age of 52


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