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Split-Testing And Facebook Marketing Tips From A 10 Year Old Kid ECommerce Articles | April 19 Sidney Crosby Jersey , 2014
What lessons can be learned from a 10 year old kid in rural Mississippi selling lemonade? How can you apply this in your online business?

When I was a kid growing up in rural Mississippi there was one thing that was always a constant, especially in the summer. HEAT! Boy did it get hot down there. Not only hot, but with a wet heat. In rural Mississippi 100% humidity was a norm.

With the natural element of heat, being a curious kid looking for a way to make a buck Jake Guentzel Jersey , I set off to cash in on thirst. Everybody gets thirsty right? So wahla, my lemonade stand was born.

I still remember the first day in business as a 10 year old kid. I pulled mom's lemonade from the refrigerator and off I went. I grabbed a small table and two chairs and proceeded to the nearest corner intersection. However, after the first 6 hours in business only 1 customer. So I went home defeated after collecting only a measly 25 cents. My mom consoled me, then asked why I didn't bring the ice. Wahla Matt Murray Jersey , tomorrow would be a great day when I bring the ice. Without it, that lemonade gets warm fast in Mississippi.

On day 2, things got a little better. 6 hours in the sun and 8 sales. I was hooked forever. The coolest of any liquid with ice produced a few customers. On day 3, I got a little more business savvy witht bigger cups Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey , added a little more ice, kept using the same amount or maybe even less lemonade product, and made 12 sales. Now I was in forever. An entrepreneur was born.

A few more tweaks along the way, a little more sugar (even tried artificial sugar) Patric Hornqvist Jersey Youth , a different brand of lemonade and I was averaging over 20 sales per day. The artificial sugar was not a big hit with my southern folks. They like it sweet and natural.

So, what does a lemonade stand have to do with split-testing and facebook ads? I use those same lessons I learned as a curious kid selling lemonade today in my online business. As a business owner we are always looking to create a product that meets demand and at the same time produce the most profit right?

With my facebook ads (I currently average about 1-2 cents per click) I always use two different images when I place an ad. I test those two images for a day or two and see which one performs the best. The one that works the best is scaled up from $5 per day to $10 per day and I eliminate the one that didn't get as many clicks. I use that image exclusively for a while, then try to find something better that converts higher.

I remember that lessons I learned as a 10 year old kid selling lemonade. There is always a better way.

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The wedding makeup is important. It is because there will be a photographer who would be clicking around your photos. Another thing is that all the guests at your wedding will be looking forward to having a photo with you. This is because you are the center of attraction as you are the bride. So, your makeup should be a good one. Finding a makeover artist is a tough job. While you are out to search the right wedding makeup artist keep in mind the following things.

Style Is Important

The wedding look will be similar to what you look Evgeni Malkin Jersey Youth , only adding a touch of glamour to you. When the pictures are being clicked, you will feel comfortable about your look. Do you keep it minimum in your day-to-day life? If yes, then go for a professional who has a sound understanding and knowledge of it will be better for you.

You Should Look Gorgeous By Their Magic Touch

A Professional Makeup application can make your looked washed out and shiny throughout the events. They should have the capability of providing you long lasting makeup by using specific techniques and primers. Using a thin layer of makeup powder, oil blotting sheet and application of lipstick are the easiest ways. An artist can only costumier your look to your specific need and can assure you about worry-free.

The Personalities Should Also Click

Well Kris Letang Jersey Youth , the person doing your makeup should be a good one. You should be feeling comfortable with them. If the artist can make you laugh, then that is a good point about is because they are the ones who can help to keep off your stress by calming your own while preparing you for the big day.

A Trained Artist

The ones you find at the makeover counter from the place you buy cosmetics can be a great one to do it. This is because they are trained and can serve your purpose well. If not them, make sure that the wedding artist you choose is trained and uses the best products that suit your skin type.

Brand Artists

The cosmetic brands you prefer also have certain artists, and they often do wedding makeup. So Nick Bjugstad Jersey Youth , you can ask them directly by email or over the telephone if they are having anyone locally to help you out during your wedding day. If yes, then that will be a great thing for you.

Do a Trial

Before you finalize an artist, consider going to the makeover trial. They might charge you for that, but again some artists do it for free. This will help you to decide the look you want to go for on the wedding day.

Time Required

In addition to all these Jared McCann Jersey Youth , the price of the wedding makeover artist is also something that you should be considering because spending a lot of money on yourself is not a desirable thing. If one that offers good makeovrt at affordable prices would be an ideal one for you. So, if you find an artist who can offer you all that we have mentio. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NHL Replica Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Replica Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys

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