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Top 4 security tips to protect your computer data at school Computers Articles | December 10 Brandon Manning Jersey Womens , 2014
It's that time of the year again boys and girls to start their life at school. Here're top 4 tips to keep your computer safe fat school. It only takes a little bit of time and care to ensure that you ...

It's that time of the year again boys and girls to start their life at school. Here're top 4 tips to keep your computer safe fat school. It only takes a little bit of time and care to ensure that you don't become an unlucky statistic.

1. Use a strong Windows password

You're entitled to create multiple user accounts on your Windows computer. But have you ever create a strong password for your Windows user accounts? A Windows password is said to give the first layer of protection for your computer files and folders as it can stop all unauthorized users from accessing your computer. To make the password strong enough, it should be mix-composed of letters, numbers and symbols and 8 characters long. After setting a strong Windows password, please remember to create Windows password reset disk to in case that you forget the Windows password in future.

2. Encrypt your computer files and folders

Entering a password to log into your computer does not mean that your data is safe. It's better to password protect your individual files and folders on computer.? Although Windows don't enable you to do this job directly Darnell Nurse Jersey Womens , encryption software like Truecrypt, Axcrypt will help you to achieve this task.

3. Bakup Back up your files with backup software

Amazingly, students still don't back up their data and end up losing their files the day before the deadline! A proper backup like Dropbox requires you to have a local copy, a local backup and an off site backup. Besides Adam Larsson Jersey Womens , various free backup applications are also out there for your choice, like Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition, FBackup, and so on.

4. Secure your wireless router

A common misconception is that the only reason to secure your wireless router is so people do not steal your bandwidth. The truth is that without proper security Kris Russell Jersey Womens , you are blasting your data un-encrypted for all to see. Use WPA encryption with a proper and strong passkey. Consult your router's manual for instructions.

Of course, the computer security tips are not limited to the tips mentioned above. And aside from computer, please remember to secure your devices like your smart phone and hard drives.

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Good education is not only a need but a right of all students Wayne Gretzky Jersey Womens , right? But, what happens when instead of your good result you get denial from the universities because you cannot afford their huge fees? I know it feels hurt to get such a disappointment in life. But, no matter if one door is closed because another door remains open in front of you. Yes, you can definitely go for applying to the student loan but this is not the complete escape Connor McDavid Jersey Womens , because chances of getting defaulted remain there always. So, don鈥檛 let your education loan turn into delinquent student loan, because life should be kept simple rather than involving into complications.

You must be thinking what complications can arise, when you delay on returning the loan amount?

Then Leon Draisaitl Jersey Womens , let me help you with this.

Well, education loans are given with a deal that the student will return it once he or she finishes his or her studies and avail a job. But, unemployment and underemployment is there to hammer the situation from all the sides and the student fails to make the repayments on time. This can bring many bad consequences, such as:

Deteriorating credit records Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Jersey Authentic ,

Lender鈥檚 torture in the form of repeated calls and visits.

Garnishment of wages.

There is a grace period of 6 months before you start repaying the amount. This time is given, so that you can manage a job for yourself and arrange the amount to return on time. But Sam Gagner Jersey Authentic , if you anyhow fail to return the amount, you should definitely contact you lender as soon as possible to discuss the matter with him, so that you can get a way-out.

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