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Koowheel intelligent glide technology leader in New Era?
Posted by koowheelscooter on August 8th Yovani Gallardo Mexico Jersey , 2016

A person's life contains many large and small travel, long-distance travel, people will take the plane, train or ship, some friends will choose their own car to complete the journey. However, the short distance travel means it is difficult to choose Miguel Gonzalez Mexico Jersey , walking is too tired, the volume of bicycle or motorcycle is too large, can not carry. When people are distressed that there is no a intimate short-distance transport, Jomo technology company independent developed Koowheel electric skateboard D3, let a person shine at the moment.

The corporation Branding Operation Director MS Bao said. Koowheel intelligent sliding device is a new generation of energy-saving, environmental protection Jaime Garcia Mexico Jersey , portable means of transport. Company firmly believe that riding sports culture in the leisure, entertainment and sports fields with diversified development space, the future time, company will with mature chain marketing model, simple and transparent operation technique and perfect customer service system, to create a leading brand in the Chinese fashion sporty riding Koowheel intelligent sliding device.

Fashion appearance Giovanny Gallegos Mexico Jersey , easy to carry

Koowheel electric skateboard using the most cutting-edge design, stylish and avant-garde, full sense of science and technology, and its size is small, relaxed freely, can carry the home or office can also be directly put into the trunk of a car Carlos Fisher Mexico Jersey , an effective substitute for short bus and subway.

Safe and reliable, strongly balance feeling
Has speed, low battery protection, roll protection safety tips and other safety intelligent protection system Koowheel electric skateboard, the whole intelligent control. Fully enclosed charging tank design, so that the car body waterproof Marco Estrada Mexico Jersey , electricity, safe and durable. Koowheel electric skateboard adopted the IPS self balance system and dynamic balance concept design, greatly ensure the balance of the skateboard scooter.

Energy saving and environmental protection, strong driving force
Koowheel smart skateboard scooter use the best battery brand "Samsung" , to ease the resource consumption and air pollution, the battery performance is very strong Andres Avila Mexico Jersey , strong driving force. Maximum load of up to 120kg, maximum speed of up to 25kmh, climbing and off-road aspects of the same power, excellent performance. 45-120 minutes will be able to quickly charge, mileage up to 25-65 km.

Koowheel Smart electric skateboard, it is very welcomed by consumers since it comes out Miguel Aguilar Mexico Jersey ,due to its strong practicality and Applicability. At the same time, face to 4 million students, 480 million commuters, 7.6 million urban residents in such a huge potential transport demand market, Koowheel intelligent sliding device also to entrepreneurs who bring a lot of inspiration. This information comes from

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