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In Part One Cheap Larry Warford Jersey , we covered the basics of searching on and in Part Two we moved into more advanced search techniques. In today's third installment we will peer into some ways of using Google you may have never thought of or knew existed.

DATE RANGES: You may limit your search to an exact date of a "range" of dates that a page was indexed by Google. To use Google's "daterange" function, you will need to express your dates in "Julian" dates. This date format is express as an integer. To convert a common date into Julian format go to: an example, if I wanted to find pages (about a certain topic) indexed by Google during the month of May 2003, I would type in:

"spyware removal" daterange: 2452774-2452803

TYPES OF FILES: You can limit your Google search results to specific files ending in a particular extension (.doc Cheap DeMario Davis Jersey , .txt, .rtf, .pdf etc...)

To find a file on the topic "spyware remover" in Adobe (.pdf) format you would type in: "spyware remover" filetype:pdf

You can exclude certain types of files from your search by doing a "negative" search and placing a "minus" ( - ) sign in front of the "filetype:"

ANCHOR TEXT SEARCHES: Allow you to just search the "anchor" text in web page link anchors. Link anchors are the words that appear between: <." ">anti-spyware software<.a> In this case it's the phrase Anti-Spyware Software

PLAIN TEXT SEARCHES: By using Google's "intext" search capabilities, you can search JUST the body text of web pages and not any links Cheap Patrick Robinson Jersey , urls or titles, just the body. Simply type:

intext:"spyware remover"

CACHE SEARCHING: This form of searching will only search for results on sites that are stored in Google's "cache' or memory. This sometimes can give you older versions of sites. Example:


LINK SEARCHES: Want to know how many and what sites have links back to your site? Just search for your domain preceded by "link:"


INFO SEARCHING: Find out what information Google has stored about a particular web page or site by searching:


GOOGLE'S PHONEBOOK: Yes, Google has a phenomenal phone book database allowing you to search for both residential and business phone numbers. You may use the following search orders:

FN or FI (first name or first initial), LN (last name) Cheap Benjamin Watson Jersey , city FN (FI), LN, state FN (FI), LN Cheap Austin Carr Jersey , area code FN (FI), LN, zip code phone # including area code (ex: 111-222-3333) LN, city Cheap Eli Apple Jersey , state LN, zip code

To find the phone number of the Whitehouse you would search:

phonebook: whitehouse washington dc

To find the phone number of the John Smith in Anytown, NY you could search:

phonebook: john smith ny


phonebook: smith anytown ny


phonebook: j smith ny

STOCK SEARCHING: Google can generate results on just about any stock because they use the stock information from the Yahoo! finance pages. For example:

stocks: ebay

Phew! Now, this list isn't even exhaustive Cheap Josh LeRibeus Jersey , but it will give 99.99% of you enough information and insight to start REALLY tapping into the top ranked search engine in the world: Go have some fun!

Are you on the lookout for secured credit card rewards? Well you should know that reward credit cards are the ‘in’ thing today. You should take time out to shop around considering the array of different cards available now to choose from. The reward credit cards come with different features depending on the companies. They also differ in bonuses.

It is important to choose cards that offer exactly what you are looking for, designed to meet your fiscal requirements. With reward credit cards the instrument looks and acts like any regular card, but bring along add-ons in the form of rewards. They are secured, which means that the credit offered in return for a promise of payback.

The cards are excellent for people from all walks of life Cheap Vonn Bell Jersey , not just the corporate busy bee. Even a person who has not yet established a line of credit or someone who unfortunately flaunts poor credit or worse still bankruptcy is now helped by providers with issuance of reward credit cards. The cards come with reward programs and you get the liberty to choose the right one for you.

Reward credit cards help you to earn reward points in different ways – travel points, low interest purchases, air miles, rentals and accommodation budgeting etc. You should ideally go comparison shopping for a lower interest rate. This can be a bit of a challenge if you do not know what to shop for. The card you choose should suit your business Cheap Sheldon Rankins Jersey , lifestyle and expenditure pattern.

With the return programs available with reward credit cards the availability is today very competitive. Do not grab the first offer that comes around. Look for features and new add-ons added to the card every month. This is possible when you shop online for a card and scout through all of the hundreds of offers available. Also tap potential of resources that help with making the right comparisons.

If you are a frequent traveler then look for reward credit cards with frequent flyer rewards. These help you to collect points on each segment travelled and convert the same into dollars and concessions! When you translate the points into miles for air travel, you can also use airline tie ups to benefit from hotel reservations and car rentals.

The reward credit cards also help you to capitalize on huge discounts on entertainment and shopping. They help you better organize your travel expenses and budget with the cash back offers of up to 5% dollar value! Think about what this could do for you as a corporate over a year, if you pay off your credit card debt each month.

You should read through the fine print of reward credit cards carefully to ensure that the interest charges do not exceed the cash back. Some cards provide discounts on purchase of gas, items in catalogues of specific stores and more. Regardless of your lifes. [url=http://www.wholesal

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