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When the discussion of Basic dyes or cationic dyes opens Deandre Baker Youth Jersey , the first sentence is usually, 鈥渃olored aromatic compounds鈥?that works as bases and form a coloured cationic salt when they are made soluble in water. These dyes are praised for their capability to produce brighter shades on textile materials.

The procedure of naming these dyes is very pragmatic, as it follows a specific pattern. The dyes are named based on colour with a prefix 鈥楤asic鈥?and unique number as suffix Dexter Lawrence Youth Jersey , for example Basic Green 4 or Basic Red nine. These names at no point represent the chemical properties of the dyes and in addition to that, one must understand that Basic Brown 4 and Basic Green 4 never share common properties and are not related in any manner.

Comparison between basic and acidic dyes-

These colored compounds are extremely different from acidic dyes and the main reason behind this difference is the type of charge they have.

Acidic Dyes: These are negatively charged and these do intermingle with tissue components that are positively charged.

Basic Dyes: These are positively charged and these cationic dyes work with negatively charged tissue components.

Uses of Basic and modified basic dyes:

These dyes are used for colouring dried flowers, jute Daniel Jones Youth Jersey , cut flowers and coir.

Modified basic dye comprises stronger structure than the typical conventional cationic dyes, hence they are widely used where excellent light fastness is required.

These cationic dyes are applied to wool, silk and modified acrylic fibres

Beside these Dalvin Tomlinson Youth Jersey , basic dyes are also used for paper coloration.


So far, we learnt that Basic Dyes are actually cationic soluble salts of coloured bases.

These dyes are brought into action to substrate with anionic character where electrostatic attractions are formed.

It is not advised to use basic dye on the cotton. The reason attributed to this is, non-plainer structure of cotton and its incompetency for adequate affinity.

The most remarkable feature of basic dye is these are powerful colouring agents and their intensity with colours is awesome.

The quality and brightness of colours achieved with basic dyes are unmatchable and unbeatable in comparison to others.

These cationic dyes are easily soluble in alcohol.

To get better dissolution with water quickly Evan Engram Youth Jersey , glacial acid can be used.

Few advantages of Basic Dyes:

These dyes are relatively cheaper than other available dyes.

These are available in wide shade ranges to best suit the buyer鈥檚 needs

The brightness shown by these dyes is unmatchable.

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