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In this age of social networking and web 2.0 communication http://www.vapormaxflyknitpaschers.fr/ , information travels much faster than it ever did. This is all good, when it's used for good purposes. Things change, however, when negative information about your business spreads like a virus throughout the internet. What's even worse, many businesses are not even aware that it is happening.

It all started with community forums and newsgroups. Before the introduction of public instant messaging, in the days of dial-up internet nike vapormax flyknit soldes , people used to share their experience and asked for help by posting messages on forums or emailing a newsgroup. While many forums still exist, they are heavily moderated, which prevents abusive messages make it to the masses. The current danger comes from instant publicly available messaging systems such as Twitter, Facebook and the like.

What actually happens?

It appears that people nowadays feel the need and even responsibility to tell the world about their experiences. What used to be private is now public. What used to be secret is now proclaimed all over the world. People buy something off the internet and even before they click the final submit button, they already blog and twit about it, e.g. grossiste nike vapormax chine , "I just found a good deal here" and so on. When the goods are delivered, they say "Oh, that was quick! Just got such and such delivered ahead of time". Positive comments drive herds of potential customers to the same web site and bring new business to the vendor.

When, however, something goes wrong, customers are quick to tell the world about it too. The other day it happened with one of the businesses that I am involved with. A customer went to pay their bill using online credit card processing form. Such manual payments are verified by the business staff and then manually credited to the customer's account grossiste nike vapormax , normally, within an hour. Five minutes after the customer made the payment, he called the accounts department and asked why his payment hasn't been credited yet to his account. They explained to him that it takes about an hour to process. The customer got angry, hanged up the phone and went straight to his twitter to send messages such as "this company's services are bad", "don't use this company". The company's staff was quick to respond by sending a sort message to counteract the claims.

What you can do

The first and most important thing for each business is to be aware of what is actually happens on the net, to know what people are saying about the business and how others are responding. It's what you don't know can really hurt the business. Businesses can not assume that all is good nike vapormax flyknit pas cher , and customer service personnel cannot dismiss negative claims about the business without actually knowing or checking out what went on.

It is highly suggested to join social networking website and messaging services like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and many others. Even if there it no intention to post messages, businesses need to have access to such media in order to be able to search and monitor comments about them. Once a week or even once a month, it is suggested for someone in the business to spend a day or two searching the net for the company name or phrases such as "business name sucks" or "business name reviews". This will bring up most of the current day comments about the company. When replying to negative comments nike vapormax blanche pas cher , acknowledge the other people's concert and reply explaining what the company is going to do about it. Become an active member of that community. This, in itself, may prevent a lot of negative comments in the future.

Whatever you do, don't dismiss negative comments. Make it look like the company appreciates every customer and is willing to improve areas that attracted negative comments. It is the age of instant messaging. Encourage your business to use it to its advantage.

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Over the past few years technology has taken over the world. Technology is vital in today’s world and makes everything easier. Some examples are the computer, television nike vapormax noir pas cher , cell phone, and video game systems etc. Technology has influenced people and their daily lives. Education has enhanced in schools and today learning as well as teaching has improved and became easier. Technology has also helped children with learning by providing computers and so on. Computers allow access to multiple programs as well through the internet. The programs created by Microsoft have greatly improved education. Work can be done faster by using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word spell-checks and corrects the work, which makes the preparation of content more easier for students. PowerPoint and Excel have improved the overall work. It provides an easy way to present and stay organized with charts, graphs etc. Cell phones have as well made this a lot easier by allowing a call to be made from anywhere. Texting has developed though cell phones allowing communication quiet easier. Latest technology include Fibre Optics, Cellphone technology, Personal Computing nike vapormax pas cher chine , Nano Robots, Satellite Communications, Solar Cells, the Internet of Things. These technologies not only make improvements in life of people but also in the whole world too. For more

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