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Incision Decisions for Breast Augmentation Health Articles | December 29 Baker Mayfield Game Jersey , 2011
Breast augmentation surgery can call for different types of incisions. Read on to learn about the different types to discover what may be right for you.

After the decision to pursue a breast augmentation procedure has been reached, you may have further questions about the right type of procedure for you personally. Each surgeon will have an incision placement that they prefer and are most experienced with. It is important to discuss and research in detail which method will be the best fit for your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. There are several options available to you, and with some research and consultations with professionals, you will be able to reach an informed decision that you can feel confident in.

Incision size will vary on the type of implant being used for the procedure. Pre-filled implants will require a slightly larger incision than those that are filled once they have been inserted and placed. Textured implants also slightly increase the size of the initial incision Jarvis Landry Game Jersey , but a skilled surgeon is able to use the smallest possible insertion site for the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing results. In consultation appointments with your surgeon, discussion of the type of implant and method of insertion that will give you the best possible result are essential.

The placement of the incision on the body is one of the most important decisions to make when considering and planning breast augmentation. There are several methods, and each surgeon and patient will have a preference as to which is the best method, it is important to seek a surgeon who prefers and has extensive experience with the type of incision that is your preference. Researching the type of incision will allow you to view many "after" photographs of each method and give you the best idea of results you may expect.

With an areola incision Odell Beckham Jr Game Jersey , a small cut is made around the bottom of the nipple and areola area. Since this incision is placed directly on the breast, this option may leave more visible marks than others. An inframammary or "crease" incision is placed at the bottom of the breast along the natural fold, effectively making the incision site less visible.

Transumbilical breast augmentation or "TUBA" has the incision made in the belly button, and the implant is moved to the breast by the skilled hands of the surgeon. A similar method is the transaxillary placement Jim Brown Game Jersey , in which the incision is made in the armpit area. Each of these options have been proven and tested through many years of experience and have their particular supporters among breast augmentation specialists. There are also many photographic examples available through plastic surgery offices or online resources to allow you to view how others have healed after each of these incision methods.

Utilizing the many resources available to individuals seeking plastic surgery, discussion with knowledgeable professionals and the experiences of those who have undertaken procedures of this nature will allow you to become aware of your options more fully and reach the best possible decision for you.

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