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Lose The Weight For Good - Get Help Choosing a Program.

Amber Friesen (Personal Trainer) Works daily with women and men to help them lose weight.

Amber is a personal trainer who works with both women and men to get them on-track to better health. She knows what it takes to stay fit Authentic Orlando Cepeda Jersey , and knows what it takes to lose weight. Many of her clients come to her with their ideas about the latest fad diet, and personally Amber is against most of them. There are diets that work, but choosing the wrong diet plan can actually work against you.

Amber is constantly inundated with questions about dieting and losing weight. When you begin to look at these topics, and specifically at dieting Authentic Deion Sanders Jersey , one thing quickly comes to light. There are so many diet plans out there that wading through them all (and choosing one that works) can be extremely difficult. With that, let's first cover what a good diet plan is and what it is not.

First, a diet plan alone is NOT the only thing you need to stay in good health. It may be able to help you take some weight off, but you should add in a daily exercise plan to be sure you keep that weight off.

Second Authentic David Justice Jersey , NOT everyone needs a diet plan. For those who just need to shed a pound or two, exercise is the better way to take it off.

Third, a good diet plan IS an excellent way to lose weight. In fact, if you choose the right diet plan you can may be able to get the figure that you want in just a few months time. The best diet plans will help you to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time. The better plans will also teach you how to keep that weight off and not just lose a few pounds in the short term.

Fourth Authentic Chipper Jones Jersey , if you don't choose the right diet it could seriously affect your health. Too many of the latest fad diets are actually dangerous, and some of them are so dangerous that they may land you in a hospital. A good diet plan should never negatively affect your health.

To help you out, along with some people who needed to lose some weight (her clients), Amber took the time to evaluate the top diet plans on the market today. She based her evaluations on the following criteria.

Weight Loss - Obviously the main goal of any diet plan is to lose weight.

Health Factor Safety - Did the diet plan allow you to stay healthy while you worked to lose weight. Really Authentic Bob Uecker Jersey , some fad diets are downright dangerous so safety is a concern when choosing a plan.

Ease of Use (Simplicity) - Was it easy to learn how to cook foods for the diet plan? A good diet plan shouldn't require you to become a chef.

Long Term Weight Loss - Did the program teach you how to keep the weight off in the longer term.

Value for your Money - Programs that teach you how to lose weight cost money. Did the plan give enough content for the cost of the package itself?

Motivation Factor - A good program should motivate you to use it, and not just teach you how to cook for your new diet.

Enjoyment Factor - Was the diet plan enjoyable? Most diets fail because everything they suggest for you to eat tastes like cardboard. Higher ratings were given to diet plans that suggested food is both tasty and healthy.

Overall Rating - Based on all of the above, how well did the program rate?

To evaluate each diet plan we tested them over a six month period of time.

Before anyone used them, Amber first evaluated the program for safety Authentic Bobby Cox Jersey , and then with the programs deemed safe Amber had five of her clients use each diet plan. To ensure that the evaluations were fair 3 of those who tested each program had more than 100 pounds to lose and 2 had 50 pounds or less to take off. Each month our test subjects were weighed, and they shared their thoughts about their progress (and the diet plan) thus far.

My review page gives our ratings for the top five weight-loss programs on the market today. These five make up those that were safe, helped Amber's clients to lose weight, and taught them to keep it off. There is a clear winner from the evaluations but all of the diet plans in our top five helped those who used them to lose weight.

Thanks for reading Authentic Dale Murphy Jersey ,

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