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Off-Leash Dog Parks near Westlake
Posted by searchwestlakehomes on January 18th Clayton Thorson Jersey , 2017

For dog owners, one of the wonderful things about living in Austin, Texas is an abundance of designated off-leash recreation areas located all around town. For residents of Westlake Hills, trails throughout the Barton Creek Greenbelt make great options for on-leash walks, but sometimes our furry friends yearn to run free, chase a ball, frolic with other dogs Shareef Miller Jersey , or go for a swim. Here are two off-leash options near Lake Austin and Westlake.

Red Bud Isle Dog Park, located just south of the Tom Miller Dam on Lake Austin off of Lake Austin Boulevard, is a virtual wonderland for dogs: think Disneyland for pooches. Dogs of all breeds and sizes have the run of the entire 17.5 acres of a small island-like peninsula, which consists of one larger open space near the entrance, a circular trail that goes around the isle, and many swimming holes that may be accessed from the trail. The park is open year-round and is free to the public. Parking is available but is limited and can be difficult to find during the park’s busiest times. Plastic bags are available for when your dog takes care of business, but they are only located at the front of the park so be sure to grab a few when you enter.

West Austin Park and Wading Pool is located between 9th and 10th Streets JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , just east of MoPac in the Clarksville neighborhood. It is a family park, with a pool, picnic tables and a playground, and also features a more traditional dog park than Red Bud, with a fenced in, off-leash open area for your pup to enjoy. It has a double gate at the main entrance, helpful for preventing runaway pooches Miles Sanders Jersey , a water source and bowls for thirsty dogs, donated chew toys and balls, and, of course, other dogs for socializing. There is no separate area for smaller dogs at this park. Parking and access are much easier than at Red Bud, and it offers the controlled environment of a more traditional dog park, so feel free to bring the whole family and make a day of it!

These are just a few of the many dog park options for Westlake residents. Bee Cave Dog Park is another popular destination Andre Dillard Jersey , particularly for those more towards the west, and Auditorium Shores offers off-leash fun closer to downtown Austin.

About the Author: Brain Talley has years of experience of working as a Westlake real estate agent in Austin, Texas. He is quite an expert and he loves to share his expertise with people. He enjoys discussing real estate trends, real estate market news to help people make informed decisions.

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