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>How to Brief a Corporate Production Work for Media Business?
Posted by jameswarner on September 15th Wholesale Fabian Moreau Jersey , 2016

Video production is growing at a faster pace than any other component of the marketing mix, media marketing and in other forms. Such businesses continue to struggle to develop marketing videos that have a measurable impact on sales. This article explains why preparing a corporate video production in a brief way is necessary. It also provides guidelines as to what should be included in the video production.

An Overview

Whether a company is creating an in-house corporate production house in Singapore or hiring a production company to develop the next video, it is required for the video to be able to communicate the context and goals of the project. A video production also sets numerous guidelines as it is an important process for a business that will be shown throughout the nation. It can be challenging and uncreative if a company does not have good, clear conversations in the videos and left behind meeting with a clear goal in mind. So Wholesale Ryan Anderson Jersey , having an objective is necessary to achieve good results with a clear idea about the final content integral.

Why A Video Production Brief Is Important?

A project brief from a corporate production house is the standard tool used in marketing and advertising. If a production house is developing creative for an ad, then there would be a requirement of a creative brief that gives a highlight of the video. If a person is developing a new product design, then it would provide the production house with a project brief. If a person is developing a new website, then it would provide the developer with a design brief. So Wholesale Preston Smith Jersey , this is how marketing brief has become a standard practice on production engagements. So, why not video production brief?

Corporate production house in Singapore has quickly evolved for television commercials and corporate overview videos. Today, video can touch every aspect of marketing from mass media to hyper-targeted marketing programs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when a video production company is going to work on media business:

What is the video objective?

What a company wants for the video like—to make people laugh, create sales Wholesale Brandon Scherff Jersey , promote a service, etc. The objectives are endless, but it is important to know why the video is being created and to have clear goals for what is required to achieve.


Secondly, know the budget for video production beforehand. While budgets can be restrictive Wholesale Montae Nicholson Jersey , the production houses should be realistic about how much money can be earned. A smaller budget can also get the best results depending on the particular requirements.

Know Target Audience

This is important to make clear in mind. It is required to be clear about the target audience and what it is necessary for the audience to do with the video from a production company.

Type of Video

What kind of video is needed to be created— a promotional video, tutorial or a series of testimonial videos? Also, what the business want a video—shot video or will the video be entirely animated and long.

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