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Shirsha mean the head Cheap Isaiah Thomas Jersey , while vasti is a container or cap that holds warm medicated oils stagnant over the patient鈥檚 head. Shirovasti is hence a fantastic treatment that involves pouring warm medicated oils in a thin stream over the forehead. This treatment is highly recommended for neurological disorders; ear, neck, and throat conditions; detoxification; and stress relief. The classic feature of this procedure is the container in which the warm oil is placed. Its preparation requires a unique procedure to be followed such that the container is leak proof and it captures the warmth of the oil for a long period. This treatment is ideal for treating vata, pitta Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey , and kapha rogas. However, the type of medicated oil used and the duration of treatment vary greatly depending on the medical condition.
Shirovasti has gained immense popularity over the last few years, thanks to the advertisements around this procedure. Many patients come to my Ayurveda clinic in Chennai seeking this treatment for rejuvenation. Many centers practicing Kerala Ayurveda treatment offer this procedure as their main attraction. However, given the extensive therapeutic benefits of this treatment Wholesale Boston Celtics Jerseys , I recommend that you always meet an expert Ayurveda physician to find out the specific form of Shirovasti treatment that you need to undergo.
Benefits of Shirovasti
Shirovasti is a part of the Panchakarma treatment protocol and is considered ideal for head-related disorders such as facial paralysis, intense migraine headache, insomnia, and Bell鈥檚 palsy. It is also beneficial in case of earache Wholesale Celtics Jerseys , cataract, dry nostrils and mouth, and tinnitus. Ayurveda texts recommend Shirovasti for other conditions such as schizophrenia, autism Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys , and memory loss. This procedure is also effective in case of hair loss and reverting graying of hair.
Since Shirovasti delivers its benefits through the scalp, the procedure can help in promoting sleep and reduce anxiety. It is also a great relief in case of pain.
How does Shirovasti work?
The brain controls all the body鈥檚 functions through its nerves. Hence allowing warm medicated oils to permeate through the scalp can rejuvenate the entire body. Brain cells use up a considerable percentage of the body鈥檚 energy. So, it accumulates a lot of toxins. This procedure thus helps eliminates all the toxins from the body, leading to detoxification.
The steps involved
First step - diagnosis
Since the type of medication used and the duration of the procedure depends on the patient鈥檚 condition Cheap Celtics Jerseys , the first steps requires an expert Ayurveda doctor. This doctor will examine the patient in detail to diagnose the condition that requires this procedure. The doctor will then select the type and combination of the herbal medication based on the patient鈥檚 condition and mental and physical stamina. The expert will then explain the purpose and process of the procedure to the patient in detail to clarify all queries.
Step 2 鈥?preparing the patient
The procedure requires the patients鈥?shaving their head, or at least cutting their hair short. The experts then perform abhyanga or a preliminary massage of the scalp with medicated oils. They however protect the patients鈥?ears since it is critical that during the procedure the oil must not enter the ears. The patients have to sit erect on a firm chair. The expert then ties a cotton cloth having a thick flour-based poultice on the patients鈥?forehead. The circumference of the cloth must fit the size of the patients鈥?head such that the oil should not leak at all. The expert then takes a tall leather or rexin cap or a strip and places it over the poultice. They then seal its sides with the same poultice. This forms the strong, hollow co hat will hold the warm oil throughout the procedure.
Ste e actual procedure
The expert prepares the medicated oils based on the physic prescription. This oil is warmed and then poured into the container, over the patien l cools down Wholesale Marcus Smart Jersey , the expert replaces the oil with warm oil. The duration of this process varies from half an hour to about an hour depending on the condition.
Step mpletion
At the end of the procedure the oil is carefully drained from the container, avoiding the ears. The excess oil is wiped off. The oil massage is repeated on the head, palms, and feet. The patient relaxes for a while and then takes a warm bath.
Shirovasti for a relaxed and calm mind
I recommend Shirovasti for the aforesaid conditions and for a calming and rejuvenating feel. But always remember to meet me or another Ayurveda doctor first before you undergo the procedure. Each person has a different body constitution and hence requires a different set of medicated oils and procedure.
Contact me at The Madras Institute of Ayurveda for any questions you have about specific health conditions. You can connect with me at or call me at +91-9444615161.

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