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Acne Cures Based on Diet Gaining Ground Health Articles | December 4 D.K. Metcalf Black Jersey , 2009
New studies reveal what holistic acne researches have known for years: diet influences acne. Will this new evidence prompt doctors to reconsider their opposition to holistic acne treatments? Time will tell.

Choosing the right foods is a controversial way to treat acne. But a lot of people have been effectively cured by the popular holistic diet-based acne cures that are sold online. Acne treatments that are centered on food have not been taken seriously by doctors because the proof to support them has been anecdotal. The link between what we eat and our skin condition has been revealed by the latest study. I expect the holistic acne cures to build traction and acceptance over the next few years as more researchers examine the evidence and recognize the benefits of eating properly over their current ineffective treatments.

The usual acne treatments prescribed by doctors have not been very effective for many acne patients.? Typically, the first product prescribed to an acne patient is a topical benzoyl peroxide cream and perhaps topical or oral antibiotics. Antibiotics eliminate the P.acnes bacteria that lives on the skin surface and infects blackheads and whiteheads and turns them into pimples. Similarly Marquise Blair Black Jersey , benzoyl peroxide eliminates this bacteria and also helps to unclog pores. Unfortunately, it is only helpful in cases of mild acne.

But acne is a complicated disease and bacteria is only one part of the equation. That's the problem. Bacteria can make acne worse but it doesn't cause it. Acne is actually caused by a complex process involving androgen hormones and how our bodies react to our androgen hormones. People can have acne with no bacteria present. Fighting acne with antibacterial agents fights the symptoms of pimples but not the actual cause of acne. You cannot cure a disease by tackling the symptoms. Even if their symptoms are reduced L.J. Collier Black Jersey , a cycle of dependency is created? where they cannot stop taking the medication or their acne will return. Even though the results are often disappointing, the acne sufferer has to keep buying medicine month after month Michael Dickson Black Jersey , at considerable expense.

Although not a problem with benzoyl peroxide, the use of antibiotics has caused the occurrence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria to increase alarmingly. We have no weapons to use against the new superbugs we are producing. Humanity is facing a serious threat. Doctors no longer routinely prescribe antibiotics for infections that don't absolutely require them. This is the responsible thing to do. ?

The other major weapon in the dermatologist?s arsenal is Accutane. Accutane use should not be taken lightly. It is a drug of last resort Shaquem Griffin Black Jersey , although it can be effective in curing acne. The severe side effects associated with its use have caused it to be removed from the American market. Accutane does not work overnight. While most people are aware of the side effects, they have to be prepared to look much worse for up to a year while they are on the drug. ?

The fact that diet influences the production and synthesis of androgen hormones has recently been proven by a medical investigation. (Source: Berra B Chris Carson Black Jersey , Rizzo AM. Glycemic index, glycemic load Russell Wilson Black Jersey , wellness and beauty: the state of the art. Clinics in Dermatology. 2009:27:230-235) Acne can be cured, or reduced Ugo Amadi Camo Jersey , by following a healthy diet as described by the popular holistic acne treatment programs available on the internet. It remains to be seen if this new knowledge will have any influence over how doctors choose to treat their acne patients. This is, however Phil Haynes Camo Jersey , great news to acne patients who have been disappointed with the results they have been getting from traditional medical approaches. With drug companies poised to lose a lot of money, doctors will be pressured to continue to prescribe these old fashioned remedies. Acne is a huge multi-billion dollar industry that carries on in spite of the fact that the acne cures the industry provides are ineffective for many customers. This might stop if word gets out that making some adjustments to your diet is all it takes for many people to break free of their acne. Demerara Sugar Market : Projection of Each Major Segment over the Forecast Period 2018 鈥?2028

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