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Want to Attract New Dental Patients? Think About a Referral Contest Marketing Articles | August 20 Thomas Davis Sr Color Rush Jersey , 2008
A referral contest is a great way to get your current patients bombarding you with new, quality patients. Referrals are always the best new patients, because they generally come in already liking you. So, why not do something to double, or even triple the number of referral you receive?

Referral contests are one of the best ways to attract new patients. People love contests and competition for two reasons: (1) Competitiveness is a part of human nature. And, (2) ?people love to win stuff.

Just think Greg Olsen Color Rush Jersey , the most widely watched shows on TV are competitions. Sporting events and reality shows dominate the TV ratings because they are competitive contests. And, the thrill of getting something for nothing is basically second nature for Americans. If you don't believe this, consider the billions of lottery tickets sold each week.

The contest format of referrals is successful due to the fact that it covers the two main factors of attracting referrals to any business. Those two factors are: Reward and Recognition.

As I said, people like winning stuff, and they love to be gratuitously singled out as doing something good. Referral contests are a great way to make this happen in your practice. They are not difficult to set up, and actually take very little effort to run. All you need to do is promote your contest correctly (a patient newsletter is a good way).

Here are two great examples of successful referral contests that worked wonders.

Example 1:

A dentist was looking for a way to promote and gather referrals in his practice Kawann Short Color Rush Jersey , and the idea was brought up to give away $1000 to the person who referred the most patients.

Each person who referred would get a gift of some sort. I believe, in this case, it was a gift certificate to a local restaurant, and the person referring the most patients at the end of the contest would receive $1000 in cash.

If you run your contest without the small gift for each referral, you will scare some people away. Giving the small gift as a "thank you" to your patients is a good draw for even the shy person that does not care to try for the $1000. The small gift also draws attention to the fact that you get something even for referring one person.

Well, during the 3 weeks that this contest ran Trai Turner Color Rush Jersey , the office generated 44 new patients.

If we do the math in this case, basically, for $1000 this office gathered 44 new patients (an average of just under $23 per patient).

The success is based on the prize. If the top prize was $100, there would have been less of a response. For $10,000, you can bet people would be flying their friends Ryan Kalil Color Rush Jersey , family, and the family dog to the office.

For some dentists $1000 may seem like a big chunk of money. Think about this, in comparison: Instead, you could spend $1000 to send some direct mail pieces to your neighborhood to attract 10 or so new patients... OR, you can offer the same amount of money to have your patients refer their friends and family to your practice. Remember, your patients will have already sold their friends and family on the benefits of your practice and your dental care. Meaning Luke Kuechly Color Rush Jersey , they like you from the get-go and are ready to be loyal patients from the moment they walk in your door.

In another, very similar, case there were two ladies at the top of the list who were neck and neck with each other. And, every time one of the ladies would refer a patient in, the front office staff would call the other lady to alert her. This went on for the duration of the contest.

Finally, near the end of the contest Cam Newton Color Rush Jersey , one of the ladies actually drove a patient to the practice for the final referral that eventually won the contest for her.

Now, you don't have to go that far, but you can see how a simple contest can create a huge buzz throughout your patient base that will literally have them driving patients to your office.

There is another, totally different way, to run a contest in your practice. This first method, mentioned above Jordan Scarlett Color Rush Jersey , is the "most-referrals-wins" contest, and really plays on people's competitiveness.

If that sounds too crazy for you, there is also the example below. The "weighted drawing" contest is another simple and easy way to run a contest without eliminating any one referrer from having a chance to win the grand prize.

At the end of the quarter, all of the chances are gathered in a bowl and the winner is drawn. The winner then gets their picture taken with the doctor and the prize, and that picture gets placed in the monthly newsletter. The picture is then accompanied by the announcement of the next contest and the next prize.

Keeping the prizes fresh is exciting for the patients and keeps them involved in the process. If you continually give away the same prize, people will get bored with the contest (unless it is a big prize like $1 Will Grier Color Rush Jersey ,000,000).

The picture is a very important step! DO NOT MISS THIS! If you do not promote a winner, people will not get excited about the next contest.

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